Pillowsongs, 1997 – 2001

Pillowsongs is a sound installation exploring sleep and rest as a space for listening. Recordings mastered on eight different compact discs were mixed into speakers embedded inside pillows on beds installed throughout a darkened exhibition space, lit only dim blue light-bulbs.

Listeners hear these sounds by resting their heads on the pillows – resulting in a very intimate and ‘inside your head’ listening experience. The soundtracks combined field recordings, electronic drones, voices and short-wave radio transmissions. The programming of the CD tracks changed from day to day.

The slowly reconfiguring sound textures, dark lighting, and restful means by which the audiences engage with the work, engage listeners in a highly intimate, and hypnotic hypnogogic listening experience. Listeners often reported a high degree of uncertainty as to which sounds where coming from the pillows, and which sounds had emanated from outside the gallery space. Falling asleep can be an appropriate way of interacting with this work, given our ability to perceive sounds whilst in certain stages of sleep.

Exhibition Dates

Northern Centre for Contemporary Art (a.k.a. 24HR Art)
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, 1999

Temple Gallery,
Melbourne Victoria, Australia, 1998

Salamanca Arts Centre, Side Space Gallery
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
January 16 – 30, 1997

Gallery 4A
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1999


George Khut: Installation concept and sound design